7 Reasons Captive Insurance Agents Need Their Own Website

There are many benefits for captive insurance agents, from receiving subsidies for the first few years to office allowances from the carrier to help get things moving. As a captive agent you also get help for leads, advertising and technology. While it’s easy to let the carrier do marketing for you, it may not have the impact you had hoped. Being proactive and having your own insurance agency website can help you expand your client base and increase referrals.

  1. Set yourself apart

When a prospective client looks for local insurance agents, they may wind up at the carrier’s national site. When they enter their zip or other location-based data, a list of agents is produced. Each page that the carrier provides has the same format and general information. By having your own site, you can stand out, giving the prospect incentive to become a client.

  1. Add Locally Focused Content

Are you having an open house? Are there special events going on in your neighborhood? When prospects conduct a local search, looking for information and answers, your site is more likely to come up than a generic website with general content.

  1. Add Value and Convenience

Clients don’t always have the time to call or email their questions during regular business hours. An agency website allows you to address specific concerns and problems that affect the people in your local area. Adding Frequently Asked Questions, forms, tips and advice enables clients and prospects to access your agency 24/7 and get the information they need. This value and convenience makes clients more likely to refer your agency and helps leads become clients.

  1. Attract Your Own Leads

Receiving leads from the carrier makes it easier to begin building clientele, but they may not be qualified as well as you’d like. Attract clients that are looking for your specific services and/or location by optimizing it to match your needs. This helps you increase traffic, which can convert into leads.

  1. Increase Advertising Reach

Getting some help with the advertising budget is definitely a perk of being a captive agent. An agency website allows you to coordinate the content with campaigns, maximizing their effectiveness. Take advantage of the flexibility by changing the information as needed, which can help you reach a wider audience.

  1. Improve Credibility

An insurance agency website provides the opportunity to tell potential clients about yourself and why you deserve their business. Building trust and confidence begins with creating a connection. Having a website allows you to do that.

  1. Gain Insight

Add analytics to your website, and you can see where prospects are coming from and what pages they visit the most. This allows you to track which advertising campaigns perform the best and tune the content so that it can appeal to your clients and area prospects.

At Real Results, we can help you get a new site in days along with our personal lines engagement program that will brand your agency and not just the carrier. Contact us today at 281-712-7739 or visit our website to learn more, chat with us or to get started today.

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