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Identify Policyholders Before They Cancel

Policyholder’s cancelling their policies is a part of business. It sucks! You hate to see clients you have built relationships with and helped over the years leave your agency. On top of that, most the time, you don’t even find out about someone leaving until they already have their insurance from another agency.. You didn’t even get a chance to save the business or offer them some reductions.

Real Results Has Created A Program That Identifies Clients Before They Leave

Insurance Agents now have the opportunity to save clients BEFORE they leave the agency. Our clients are seeing substantial increases in their retention from this set-it-and-forget-it program from Real Results. This is how it works:

Step 1: An email is sent to the agency’s current customer base asking if they would like to participate in a gift card giveaway.

Step 2: Once the policyholder indicates they want to enter to win, they’re asked to check their current contact information.


Step 3: We ask for a referral to increase the chances to win the sweepstakes and ask the policyholder how likely they are to leave the agency. 


This simple but powerful quarterly process produces tens of policyholders for insurance agents to reach out and attempt to save as clients. Not only that, our partnering agents receive dozens of referrals and get up-to-date contact information for their insureds. It truly is a one-of-a kind program.

This is only one of the dozens of benefits to the Personal Lines Engagement Program.

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